Sherman Moving & Storage is your premier Indianapolis moving company—we are licensed by AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) and insured as mandated by the FMCSA and USDOT.

We’ve got you covered with insurance on all our moves, so you can relax—except for deciding which type of coverage you want! Here’s what we offer:

Option 1 (FREE): Standard Indiana Mover’s Transit Coverage of $.60/pound per item.

Released Value Protection: This is the basic insurance required by law for moving companies operating across state lines. It doesn’t directly match the value of your items. For example, if your TV is worth $500, this insurance doesn’t see it that way. Instead, it calculates based on weight, with a minimum value of 60 cents per pound. So, if your stuff is worth $25,000 but only weighs 3000 lbs., you’re covered for at least $1800 if anything gets damaged, lost, or needs replacing. It might not be the best if you have lots of valuable or irreplaceable items.

Option 2 ($100 FEE): Actual Cost Value Damage Coverage up to $100,000 will be applied to all articles with a $100 deductible.

Full Value Protection: This is the next level of insurance your movers offer for interstate moves. “Full value” doesn’t mean you’ll get back exactly what you paid for something. It’s also called “Actual Cash Value.” If something gets lost or damaged, you’ll be compensated for its actual cash value, which considers depreciation. So using the example from option 1, if your TV was originally purchased for $500 and the TV’s value has dropped by $200, you’ll get $300 if it needs replacing.

We will confirm with you before your move which insurance plan you’d like to use for your move.

If you are looking for a reliable Indianapolis moving company you have come to the right place. Sherman Moving & Storage are local Indianapolis movers who care! We take great pride in our Indianapolis moving services we provide to our customers. 

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